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Diamond Brooch
Past few years, women have stolen boyfriends’ jeans, watches and tuxedos, so we can’t blame men for grabbing a traditional female adornment – the diamond brooch – in return. Often spelled as broach, brooch is referred as royal ornaments, brooch is made with expensive or semi-expensive materials sometimes studded with gemstones and/or creative intricate designs. It is a mark of honor and enhances the look. It is believed that brooch is used in  Bronze age as clasps, or to fasten or hold garments together. However it is nowadays used as jewelry or ornament to show money/power/success.
diamond brooch collection nepal

Diamond Brooch Collections in Nepal

It can take varied shapes, sizes and forms, like bars, khukuri, Templefeather, sun, moon, circles, knots hearts and combination of those, depending on culture and fashion trends. It became popular in 19th and 20th century when British officials wore it in important events as an adornment. Nowadays it is worn by men in other ceremonies and functions like weddings. Being a simple piece of jewelry, it has gained popularity with all men across the globe. Here is our advise on how to wear brooches and on what occasions. Diamond Brooches are excellent way to accessorised and to add final touch to your look, so you can do wear at at its best.

Some Facts about brooch

  • Brooch is a fashion decorative usually attaches to clothes.
  • Pin, rotating rod or magnet is used behind it to hold it in cloth.
  • Traditionally worn on jackets, shirts, hats, sweaters.
  • In older days, brooches are used to hold clothes together.
  • It can be made with different designs, materials like crystals, feathers,
  • plastic stones, sea shells, pearls, and other imitations.
  • Bronze, copper, silver, gold, steel etc are used as bases to make brooches.
  • Design matters more than materials used in brooches.

Dos and Don’ts of wearing and choosing brooches

Do look for designs and shapes that you feel comfortable with, like flowers, animals or abstract objects
Don’t force yourself to wear something that you aren’t comfortable with.
Do: Ask for a friend’s advise or get a stylist if you are completely lost for choice of your jewellery.
Don’t disregard the impact you could make if you choose the right/wrong accessories.
Do: Spend some time when choosing a brooch and material used, pay attention to the general feel of it.
Don’t buy a brooch if it doesn’t match any of your clothes. Brooch is an accessory for a dress, not the other way.
Do: Experiment with your old brooches, you might re-discover them if you wear them in a new and unusual way.
Don’t be afraid to add new brooches to your collection and but dont give the old ones away.
Do: Create and re-create again your own style.
Don’t blindly follow the latest trends.

OCCASIONS: when to wear brooch

Family Reunion
Choose a brooch that expresses love or joy for this occasion. Elder and younger members will surely comliment on it and it will make your day.
Even if it is a small gettogether of your family, it will make your presence even better, and build more confidence in whatever you do.
Office Wear
You can also wear brooch regularly or in random or special days with your office wears to show your style and sophistication. Better choose simple, and small/medium size for this occasion. For a gentleman look, match it with other clothes or shoes
If you have a business meeting or other important appointment with partners or clients, suit yourself with a small but elegant brooch attached to a lapel of the upper pocket of your jacket. choose one that is consistent with your position and authority
If the party is with your friends, choose a funky one, noticable in dark, according to your style. It is not necessary that it should be expensive unless it shines, and you are comfortable with. Dont be afraid to try something new for this occasion.
If you are going for a date, choose one that tells about your persona. If you like cats, then get a cat brooch. Choose according to your taste and habit to signal her of them. and consider her likes and dislikes if you know them.

Where to wear:

  1. Lapel
  2. Shirt
  3. Cardigan
  4. Sweater
  5. Gloves
  6. Hat
  7. Scarf
  8. Jeans
  9. shoes
  10. Pant

Other ways to wear a brooch

  1. Attach a chain to your brooch, you’ve got yourself a pendant.
  2. Use it as a ring by pinning it with gold/silver ring. It will certainly attract attention
  3. Buckle it with your dull belt, to glamorise, Could transform it to a head turner
  4. Use multiple brooches in different parts of clothes, some on lapel, other on shoulder, sleeve
  5. Wear a similar themed brooches at once, like a pair of flower brooches of different types.
  6. Affix it with your key ring.
  7. Attach it with your wallet
  8. Put it in a bracelet.
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