How do a person can check the purity of gold in Nepal?

  There are several ways to check the purity of gold in Nepal: Karat weight: Gold is measured in karats, with pure gold being 24 karats. The higher the karat weight, the purer the gold. You can determine the karat weight of a piece of gold by looking for a hallmark or stamp that indicates the karat weight. Acid test: A common way to test the purity of gold is to use an acid test. This involves applying a small drop of acid to a hidden part of the gold and observing the reaction. Pure gold will not react to the acid, while gold that is mixed with other metals will show a reaction. Electronic gold testers: These devices use electronic resistance to determine the purity of gold. They are relatively accurate, but can be expensive. X-ray fluorescence : This method uses X-rays to determine the composition of a piece of gold. It is highly accurate, but requires specialized equipment and is not commonly available. It's worth noting that these methods are not foolproof and can sometimes

Top 7 ideas for jewelry blog topics that are currently popular or trending:

Here are a few ideas for jewelry blog topics that are currently popular or trending: Sustainable and ethical jewelry: With increasing awareness about environmental and social issues, consumers are looking for jewelry that is made from sustainable materials and produced in an ethical manner. Customization and personalization: Many people are looking for ways to express their unique style and personality through their jewelry. Customization and personalization options, such as engraving or design your own jewelry, are gaining popularity. Men's jewelry: Men's jewelry is becoming more mainstream and popular, with a wider range of styles and options available. Vintage and antique jewelry: The trend of vintage and antique jewelry is continuing to grow, with many people seeking out unique, one-of-a-kind pieces with history and character. Stackable and layering jewelry: Layering and stacking multiple pieces of jewelry has become a popular trend, with people combining different styles a

Evil Eye Jewelry : Style Pendant, Rings And Bracelets That Bring In Good Luck!

  It is said that ‘the eye is the window to the soul’ as it often reveals our true emotions to the outside world. But there is one ‘look’ that is shrouded in mystery and folklore: The Evil Eye. A cool bracelet stack with a pop of colour. Get the look & feel special with our 14K  Evil Eye Pendant and Bracelet  with a selection of from our Evil Eye collection. Even though we call it the “evil eye”, this is a symbol of protection. Back to the  history – dating back to ancient civilizations, the  Evil Eye charm  has traditionally been adopted by many cultures and tribes as a symbol of protection against harm where envy or malevolence is inflicted on one person by another. A positive force or vibes, the charm helps the bearer to deflect bad feeling or bring back positive vibes in your life. At Shree Balaji Diamond, we also like to interpret it as a symbol of wisdom as this intriguing tradition teaches us not to be envious of others’ success, but instead to achieve fulfillment through ou
Should I wear a gold? : Be your own Astrologer! People often ask, “Should I wear a gold?”. You will surely make up your mind on buying a gold jewelry after reading this piece of article. Fashion, weddings, and parties are where gold gets its decorative, artistic and glittery expression, but there is a deeper and more meaningful significance that gold jewellery carries. You’d be surprised to discover the benefits of gold. According to Vedic astrology, Jupiter is named after the god- Brihaspati- who is often depicted with a golden body? The gold has a connection with all the planet in astrology but it has the main connection with Jupiter.   Do not wear gold for a hobby. You should wear it when you need it.    Fingers and gold Astrologers advise wearing a gold ring on the index finger to help those who suffer from poor concentration problems. You have to wear on the middle finger if you are having a problem with fame and prestige. If you are having problem wi
22 Karat Vs 24 Karat gold Have you ever wondered the gold that you are wearing - Is it 24 karat or 22 Karat? Mostly, people wear 22 karat gold as casual jewelry. Would you like to explore more on the purity of gold? Karat refers to the purity of gold. 24K gold is considered to be pure gold, i.e. 100% gold. 22K consists of some portion alloy mixed with gold. This means, 91.7% of the composition is pure gold and the remaining is an alloy in 22K Gold. Why is this done? Mainly for jewelry. It is very difficult to make gold jewelry out of 24K gold because of its softness. Hence, the alloy is mixed and gold jewelry is often found to be made in 22K gold. In fact, traditional diamond jewelry is made in 22K gold and lightweight jewelry in 18K gold. Quality of gold is measured in terms of karat. The more the unit the more the quality. Best quality gold is 24k and lesser is 22, 18 and so no.  Karat  is the ratio of gold is to other metals used. It is not universally true t

Diamond Brooch Past few years, women have stolen boyfriends’ jeans, watches and tuxedos, so we can’t blame men for grabbing a traditional female adornment – the  diamond   brooch  – in return. Often spelled as broach, brooch is referred as royal ornaments, brooch is made with expensive or semi-expensive materials sometimes studded with gemstones and/or creative intricate designs. It is a mark of honor and enhances the look. It is believed that brooch is used in  Bronze age as clasps, or to fasten or hold garments together. However it is nowadays used as jewelry or ornament to show money/power/success. Diamond Brooch Collections in Nepal It can take varied shapes, sizes and forms, like bars,  khukuri,   Temple ,  feather , sun, moon, circles,  knots hearts  and combination of those, depending on culture and fashion trends. It became popular in 19th and 20th century when British officials wore it in important events as an adornment. Nowadays it is worn by men in other

Solitaire Diamond in Nepal | Shree Balaji Diamond

SOLITAIRE DIAMOND IN NEPAL : Shree Balaji Diamonds Offers best, trusted & certified Solitaire diamonds in Nepal. Shree Balaji Diamond is brand initiative of Australian Diamond and Forevermark in Nepal and one of our earliest companies and has a strong foothold in the jewellery sector since way back in 1994, when it was first established. It forms a vital part in making Aurum Group one of the largest diamond jewellery groups in Nepal.