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Jewellery that suit you

We, you and me , We all love to look beautiful and smart. We love to get compliments from friends and family in our dress style, jewellery.Today we tried to get a  quick guide to what jewellery that suit you , we are happy to spend some one to one time with you when you visit our Shree balaji Diamond jewellery stores and advise you on what diamond jewellery compliments you and your individuality. Do you have any confusion about jewellery that suits you? Let us help you to choose! Of course, it goes without saying that Diamonds suit everyone... Jewellery that suits you Jewellery for an oval face A well balanced face is what we called for Oval face. When choosing a necklace consider a choker as they are beautiful for a long neck . Other looks include pearls as they give of illusion of lengthing the torso , a dangling necklace looks great, especially with a l ow cut neckline . Oval faced should not go for especially large earrings, rather, subtle round shapes, button or hoops

Certified Diamond Jewellers in Nepal

Shree Balaji Diamond is one of the top and most popular certified diamond jewellers in Kathmandu , Nepal. It has exclusive set of diamond necklace, earring, pendant, engagement ring and more.

Testing Gold Purity with certified XRF gold testing machine in shalimar jewellers

The traditional gold jewelry testing methods can't help you determine the exact purity of your gold jewelry !! One of the questions you are frequently asking yourself when you’re thinking of buying modern or traditional  gold jewelry is “how do you test it?” All precious gold retailers will go through same traditional methods to determine the purity of gold jewellery . When it comes to testing handmade/handcrafted or machine made gold jewellery , we had a huge problem to solve and that was how do we value something like a  gold Jewellery ? In the gold jewellery manufacturing, it is very  important to know the exact composition of materials to guarantee conformity with gold standards (Karat) and to avoid 'giving away' precious metals for which our customer is not paying. Other gold selling companies scrape the gold jewelry and use acid tests (which leave a permanent stain) but that didn’t seem fair to the customer so Shalimar Jewellers wanted to find a best way


No matter in which country we belong to and which ethnic group we are we have specific jewelry type representing ethnic group. Our tastes in adornments and jewelry are frequently encouraged by our legacy, heritage, cultural background, social foundation, and ethnicity. Tilhari is very old popular jewelry made up of gold, which carries it own believes in group of hindu married women in nepal. Traditional  Tilhari  is a kind of long pote containing ornament in it.  It is  very important ornament for a Nepali wedding ceremony. It became a fashion statement among  married women in hindu culture. Subhalabha is became destination of married womens for traditional tilhari in nepal. Nepali traditional tilhari in nepal Tilahari is made by gold and that comes with  different shape and sizes. Tilahari of a big size known as chadke tilahari are popular with green potae . Well, tilahari is attached with potae of different color and are wear in the neck as a mala - symbolize of married w

Solitaire Diamond rings for Engagement

The most popular engagement ring style is obviously the one stone solitaire, this attractively classic ring design lets the central stone really sparkle and stand proud on your hand, so no doubt its the favorite ! Nothing says classical elegance like a solitaire engagement ring. This engagement ring style stands for around 70% of the engagement ring market. Inside a jewelry context, the word Solitaire is used to define a single diamond or gemstone set into piece of jewellery. A diamond solitaire indicates to any piece of jewelry with a single diamond. Diamond solitaires can be a ring , pendant , necklace , earring or even men’s jewellery . They have come to indicate some of the most significant occasions in one’s life, like sweet-sixteen, birthday, anniversaries, and the most notable, an engagement proposal. The word solitaire does not define a particular diamond shape. Whether it’s one, two or three diamonds, it’s all about glamour, movement, romance, and a couple’s journe

Bridal jewellery with Accessories: What you can not forget

This months are the ideal ones to get engaged, formalize a relationship and give your relation a titled as married. Well, at least that’s what I’ve seen lately in my Facebook feed. During this time purchase of wedding dress and accessories is big hectic job, If its done we believe half of the preparation for a wedding is over, so I would like to share the most important jewelry trends and accessories that every bride should take in count, and which ones go with your style. Earrings which accessories mostly women though before leaving home, is Earring. The ones you wear on this great day will depend on the dress you will wear. I recommend you opt for  delicate earrings if you will wear a extravagant dress . When using an accessory like this, do not forget to use a hairstyle without the hair falling on the face. By the way, long earrings with crystals do not take on the role of tiaras, but you can add a light collar. Wedding Veil Wedding has always been associated with the

Personalised jewellery redefines your unique style

Today, we are moving towards customisation in all aspects of our attire. Personalised jewellery can create a lasting memento, thats allow you to express y our own identity and make yourself feel unique, and a wonderful gift for someone you really love. Simply engraved jewellery makes a creative piece of same old jewellery. Bring new creative from the old one - Personalised Jewellery! Personalised Jewellery Everyone knows one—that person who's particularly hard to shop for come birthdays, special occasions and holidays. Fortunately for those with even the most discerning tastes, we've come up with a creative solution: Engraved jewellery gifts and personalized watches that can be mixed, matched and tailored to fit any style, any wardrobe and any occasion - bring new style in your attire. Whether you're shopping for a graduation gift, a Father's Day present, mother's Day present , Wedding anniversary or a special surprise to bring smile on your loved one.

Tips to buy gold jewellery

Nepalese love gold – there are no two ways about it. Our fascination for gold goes beyond sphere and we have mastered the art of purchasing it, or so we think. People love to wear gold but mostly they do not know the tips to buy gold jewellery . Gold is a very precious metal that contains its value. Gold purchases for Nepalese generally mean one thing - jewelry accessory. Buying gold jewelry serves double purposes, not only is it an investment but it is also a extreme fashion accessory. It is a known fact that Nepalese love to dress up and gold jewelry is the perfect accompaniment for every day and every occasion. Be it weddings or birthday parties, engagements, anniversary or get-together, we get to see a multiple of gold jewelry on display in our country, Nepal. Antique jewellery is again a trending fashion accessories for women in Nepal as it symbolizes authentic, classic, royal and beautify ones confidence with glare of that masterpiece handcrafted with love and care for

What is Gold? Types of gold in Nepal? Gold Karats/carats?

  Gold in Nepal Gold in Nepal, Shalimar Jewellers provides best carat/karat gold in Nepal. Know what types of gold is available in Nepali Market.. You know What is gold? How or why Gold Jewellery is made in different Karats/Carats? The chemical symbol of Gold is AU. Specific Gravity of gold is 19.32 Weight: Gold in Nepal for Jewellery purposes is weighed in Grams, Pennyweight (DWT) or Ounces (troy) 1 Troy ounce is equal to 31.10348 grams or 20 DWT (pennyweight) 1 DWT (pennyweight) is equal to 1.555 grams or 0.05 troy ounces. Carat/Karat: Most popular jewellery made in gold is 10 karat,14 karat, 18 karat and 22 karat gold Jewellery . Temperature: Melting temperature of Gold is slightly lower than that of copper at 1945 ° F or 1063 ° C ( Iron is 2802°F and Copper is 1981°F ) Specific Gravity of gold is 19.32 Density: One cubic inch of pure gold weighs 10.18 troy ounces. Purity: Purest form of Gold considered 24 karats is equal to roughly 99.9 percent purity Karat: When

Handmade Jewellery in Nepal

Handmade Jewellery in Nepal Handmade Jewellery in Nepal with us is Worked entirely by the hands of personally chosen jewellery experts in Nepal, the handmade jewellery collection presented by Shalimar Jewellers is best in Nepal in both design and quality.  How To Choose Best Quality Handmade Jewellery in Nepal for Couples - Let’s go! Handmade Jewellery in Nepal  is, that no matter what, it will carry a very special sentimental value. Most men/women love jewellery. It is always going to be heart touching and meaningful but you can’t just buy any old thing - you must consider his/her style, coloring and what he/she would love to receive, especially from you. The best thing you can do is to hear out for hints. When he/she is reading a magazine or shopping online, talking to his/her friends or straight out telling you about something he/she has forever longed for - make sure you are hearing and taking ‘mental’ notes. Look at the gold jewellery that he/she has now, that will give y

Bridal Jewellery in Nepal

Bridal Jewellery in Nepal Traditional Nepali weddings comprise of many rituals and ceremonies and can last for few days. Indian weddings are bright affairs and up to 500 guests can be invited to the wedding day. Most Nepali parents like their children to marry in their caste and religion. Traditional Bridal Jewellery in Nepal  are arranged between the families of the bride and groom. Some families decide whom their children should marry. The rituals and ceremonies of Nepali weddings vary across different ethnic groups families. The families of the groom approach the parents of the bride and formally ask them for the hand of their daughter in marriage for their son. If the families of the bride accept the proposal, the parents invite a Hindu Purohit to make the horoscopes (Janma-Kundalee) of the bride and groom and see if the match is compatible. The Hindu Purohit tells the families a suitable date for the wedding. A traditional Nepali wedding starts with the families of the bri

22 Carat Gold in Nepal

22 Carat gold in Nepal Being 91.3 percent in purity and hence very soft and malleable, very intricate designs of gold jewelry with beautiful intricate designs can be made in 22 Carat gold in Nepal. Although soft compared to other metals, the 22 Karat gold jewellery does not get easily damaged, and can be worn for years, and still maintain its luster and beauty. Note that most gold jewellery whatever the Carat/karat value does not get damaged by wearing, but rather gets damaged or broken by storing it improperly, jewellery when properly stored, in original boxes, and cleaned at regular intervals, will rarely break, damage or lose its luster and beauty. Carat and Karat are not to be confused, Carat is not a percentage, it is rather a measure in which gemstones are weighed, the word carat was derived from the carat seeds which were once used for measuring as they were mostly constant in weight. 1 carat or ct. is equal to about 200 milligrams or about 1/5th of a Gram. For example a huge