Tips to buy gold jewellery

Nepalese love gold – there are no two ways about it. Our fascination for gold goes beyond sphere and we have mastered the art of purchasing it, or so we think. People love to wear gold but mostly they do not know the tips to buy gold jewellery. Gold is a very precious metal that contains its value. Gold purchases for Nepalese generally mean one thing - jewelry accessory. Buying gold jewelry serves double purposes, not only is it an investment but it is also a extreme fashion accessory. It is a known fact that Nepalese love to dress up and gold jewelry is the perfect accompaniment for every day and every occasion. Be it weddings or birthday parties, engagements, anniversary or get-together, we get to see a multiple of gold jewelry on display in our country, Nepal. Antique jewellery is again a trending fashion accessories for women in Nepal as it symbolizes authentic, classic, royal and beautify ones confidence with glare of that masterpiece handcrafted with love and care for you.

Tips to buy gold jewellery

On an average Nepali purchase ,gold jewellery across country seems a constant flow of consumers. In this troubling rush to purchase gold, it's common to make mistakes, research your jewellery accessory and buy carefully in order to find and keep quality pieces that will bring years of enjoyment but remembering a few simple steps could insure that one gets the best bang for their buck. Get to know few basic tips to buy gold jewellery before you invest your money on it.

1. Familiarize yourself with Pure or Impure gold / know the purity standards 
The purity of gold is expressed in carats, with 24 karat gold being 99.9% pure and 22 karat gold being 92% pure. Pure gold has a purity of 24 carats. Every karat gold is equivalent to 4.2% pure gold, which in essence means that 14 and 18 karat contains only 58.33% and 75% pure gold respectively.

2. Decide the suited purity for you
Purchasing gold jewellery or accessory without checking its purity is a no-no and it always pays to check purity of gold before parting with your hard earned money.If you plan on wearing the jewelry on a daily basis, you will probably want it to be no more than 18 karats because 24 karat gold is very soft and highly prone to scratching and damage and it is also extremely more expensive than alloyed gold. You can also know highly pure gold rings and bracelets are likely to experience damage if worn daily.

3. Find a top and best jewellery dealer
Nepal has millions of jewellery stores, small and big, catering to its population. If you do look for a top and best reputable jewellery in Kathmandu, Nepal, Ganapati Jewellers Nepal - is Leading Gold and Dimaond Jewellers  for your jewellery accessory. Don’t be afraid to ask a potential jeweler for our credentials and proof of certification. Ganapati Jewellers Nepal offers a variety of services such as resizing and custom design.

4. Pick your color
Jewellery is an accessory that’s worn right next to your skin, and often it’s the first thing every people notice about your outfit. Gold generally comes in yellow, pink, and white. The pink, white, and green varieties are created by mixing gold with any other metals. We (Ganapati Jewellers) always suggest that you should choose a piece based on what you love, but it’s very important to consider how the colors compliment your skin tone. Here We have a best trained or extremely skilled team of designers who suggest quick and easy way to find which pieces will suit you the best. Gold color is also very important attribute in jewellery selection. Know more on gold colour

5. Handmade or Handcrafted Vs machine made gold jewellery
In this modern age of mass production it is common to come across jewelry which is machine made. Making charges on machine made gold jewelery are lower than charges on Handmade or handcrafted gold jewellery, making such mass produced gold ornaments cheaper. Discussing the origin of a particular jewelry piece could save a buyer some hard earned money.The handmade jewellery accessory presented by Ganapati Jewellers is best in Nepal in both design and quality.

6. Ask about Gold jewelry's warranty and repairs
Best reputable jewelers generally offer warranties and some kind of return policy. Make sure to ask the jewelers about this before your purchase. Ganapati Jewellers Nepal guarantee the quality of all of our gold jewellery products to all our customers. If anything is defective upon receiving the jewelry accessory, or if the jewelry product should fail in anyway within one year we will replace it or repair it free of cost. Our many loyal customers know how brilliant our repair program is - so we ask that you too do your best to take care of your handcrafted or handmade and machine made gold jewelry.

7. Buy Backs
While your jewelry designs and trends can change, the value of gold remains same and discussing buy backs during a purchase could benefit one in the future, if they ever get bored of their jewellery designs and trends. Ganapati jewellers offer the option of buy back, wherein one can exchange their old jewellery set for a new one.

8. Making cost
The Making cost is associated with every piece of Handmade or machine made gold jewellery, Jewellery involves labour charge and all jewellers pass on this cost to the buyers in the form of making charges. Making charges are usually a percentage of the current gold price. Hence, depending on the gold cost, the amount you pay as making charge can vary. For Details on making and wastage charge - read this article
If you’re out there searching for the best Gold jewelry for your money, then please contact us and let us inform your budget and what you’re searching for. We’ll sift through many of handmade or handcrafted and machine made gold jewelry online and send you suggested stones to choose from that fit your needs the best.

If you have any other queries: 
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