No matter in which country we belong to and which ethnic group we are we have specific jewelry type representing ethnic group. Our tastes in adornments and jewelry are frequently encouraged by our legacy, heritage, cultural background, social foundation, and ethnicity. Tilhari is very old popular jewelry made up of gold, which carries it own believes in group of hindu married women in nepal.

Traditional Tilhari is a kind of long pote containing ornament in it.  It is  very important ornament for a Nepali wedding ceremony. It became a fashion statement among  married women in hindu culture. Subhalabha is became destination of married womens for traditional tilhari in nepal.

Nepali traditional tilhari in nepal

Tilahari is made by gold and that comes with  different shape and sizes. Tilahari of a big size known as chadke tilahari are popular with green potae. Well, tilahari is attached with potae of different color and are wear in the neck as a mala - symbolize of married women and it is believed that this ornament brings good luck and prolong their husband’s life.

Tilhari is found in much different design and different sizes like the very long one which we can wear a cross are called chadke tilhari, whereas the small one is used for regular basis. Whatever the shape and sizes are tilhari are very important in our society in the group of married women. It is considered as if a married women wear tilhari regularly than the life of her husband will be safe and secure and also will have a long life. Well, nepali women wear tilhari with beads of different color especially with red green or yellow. Some of the women also wear with mixed color bead too. That is why tilhari is considered as one of the very old and very traditional jewelry in Nepali society which has both social and religious value.
Nepali traditional tilhari in nepal

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